B L A N C Edit

Blanc is the family name of Ellen and is also a group of well known terrorists that is scattered around Europe. Most of the members are seen in France, but are difficult to find. The members are recruited easily, all that it takes is a deal in exchange for their commitment to the group.

The people below are known to be members of the group :

  • Grey Blanc - Leader of the Blanc | Ellen's father | Terrorist
  • Silver - Leader of the Blanc | Ellen's mother | Terrorist
  • Ellen Reya Blanc - Daughter | Terrorist | Rebel
  • Line Viridian - Member | Rebel
  • Tiana Forrest - Member

" I f   y o u   a r e   c o m m i t t e d   t o   t h e   b l o o d   ,   t h e n   y o u   w o n '  t   f a l l   f o r   l o v e  . "


  • Blanc means "white" in French.